Sunday | May 17th, 2020

By C. Catlin

Its what's in you.
Someone once told me there's potential in all of us
the question is how hard are you willing to work to bring it out.
At the time that didn't strike a chord with me because I wasn't listening,
even to this day I can't say for sure how much truth was in that.
But I've found that even though I may not the best photographer to ever live
I really enjoy photography.
Even though if I'm not the best writer I still love telling stories.
See it's not just what's in you, its what fulfills you.
it's stressful living up to someone else's expectations
so live up to your own, at least then the stress will be worth it.
You only get one life so why use it to live someone else's dream?
Live for you so you don't leave with regret 


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