Sunday | May 17th, 2020

By C. Catlin

Its what's in you.
Someone once told me there's potential in all of us
the question is how hard are you willing to work to bring it out.
At the time that didn't strike a chord with me because I wasn't listening,
even to this day I can't say for sure how much truth was in that.
But I've found that even though I may not the best photographer to ever live
I really enjoy photography.
Even though if I'm not the best writer I still love telling stories.
See it's not just what's in you, its what fulfills you.
it's stressful living up to someone else's expectations
so live up to your own, at least then the stress will be worth it.
You only get one life so why use it to live someone else's dream?
Live for you so you don't leave with regret 

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Sunday | May 10th, 2020

By C. Catlin

Is It just me?

I want to know
why do people do what they do?
what makes them do it?
I want to know
I don't think there's an answer out there but I still want to try to find it.
Life moves forward because that just what life does
but why does it feel like it's moving without me?
I know it's not just me but sometimes it feels like it
and it can be a lonely feeling.
Although in that loneliness I think I found the start to my answer.
No matter how much I worry about the "why" it has already happened
and life is going move forward regardless with or without me.
so it's up to me to decide if I want to move forward with it or not.
I know its not much of an answer right now but its a start
and every day I'm working on that answer.

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Sunday | May 3rd, 2020

By C. Catlin

What is Members Only Club?

thats a question that i tend to get as often as someone asking you for the time and its always my favorite questions.

At it core its passion in its physical form.

its a fresh start

its trying to make the world a better place one day at a time.

and it loving yourself first so that you can be strong enough to help the next person in need.

Just like everybody else im trying everyday to make the next day the better than the last

and i will be the first to admit that is not an easy thing to do.

there is so much going on out there and alot of it is just to heavy for just one person to deal

that but that changes when you have someone to help carry that burden.

i dont see myself as an activist or someone who wants to change the world. im just a guy who cares.

i cant end world hunger but i can help someone from going hungry

i cant stop pollution but i can do my part and help the enviroment

i cant fix whats out of my control but what i can do is care enough to try

and so can all of us.

So when someone ask me what Members Only Club is understand why i give such passionaite responses.

because its me just doing what i can and me doing my part.

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